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Austin Chic Wedding at House on the Hill

Updated: May 10, 2020

ATX Wedding Vibes. Austin Chic bouquet,

This bouquet is big and vibrant and ... big! We love it! Chelsea and I gravitate to these warm, bright tones. They pop in photographs so well - the colors just jump across the screen.

Our inspiration for this bouquet came from a picture of a cake similar to the one below. We knew we needed hot, spicy colors. I think of this style as Tex-Mex; it's so Austin. Having lived most of my life in this unique city, I'm pretty familiar with what makes Austin fun, and I love getting to highlight that. We're a weird bunch, and we like it that way.

i love you so much cake

Cake - B Sweet Cupcakery

Venue - House on the Hill

Photographer - Darby Doll Photography

Bride - Annalisa Peetzah

Flowers - Christie Turner Designs (of course!)

More posts to come on this awesome and spicy and Austin-tastic floral design.


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